Max Out with Toners

At our first Meet & Greet event, I discovered many people do not understand the point of incorporating toners into their daily skincare regimen. In truth, I too had to educate myself when I started planning various products I wanted to offer.

Most understand toners as a step in between cleansing and applying a serum or moisturizer, and believe that toners simply help shrink pores. These are both true, sort of, but completely miss the true beauty of how toners can enhance your skincare routine and get you one step closer to glowing, healthy skin each day.

1) Toners should be pH balanced, and ours are! Our skin is acidic, averaging between a pH of 4.5-6. Some cleansers are not pH balanced and can leave an irritating alkaline residue on the skin. A pH balanced toner can wipe away this residue and reestablish a proper pH.

ALL Sabonique's products are tested with a pH strip prior to bottling

2) Toners are a lovely, easy way to spritz on vitamins, minerals, and humectants (ingredients that draw ambient moisture into the skin). I liken this to adding a healthy dressing onto your dinner salad; the salad is great alone, but why not add the goodness of lemon juice, nutritional yeast, or Bragg's Aminos? Our three homemade toners (Double Honey Rose, Double Tea, & Silken Moisture) include Allantoin which is a skin protectant and softener. Allantoin assists with cell regeneration and proliferation, and is approved by the FDA for temporary relief from chapped, cracked, or wind-burned skin. Allantoin is a water-soluble ingredient which... makes it perfect for a toner!

3) Toners can also hydrate the skin and replace standard creams and lotions. This is a handy alternative for people with chronic oily skin, or for use on humid days when you're like...

Each of our homemade toners is packed with specific cosmeceuticals to address the needs of dry, oily, and "normal" skin types. At $15 for 4 ounces, you can seriously max-out the nutrients available to your skin while misting cooling and calming hydration throughout the day.

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