Sulfur does not stink for skin

I imagine many people do not think of sulfur as something that can improve skin tone and texture. More likely, you're recalling the smell of rotting eggs.

MSM, Methylsulfonylmethane, is an ingredient I have been applying to my own skin. It is a molecule of sulfur, oxygen, and methyl, and it is found in our bodies. In fact, about 0.25% of our body weight can be attributed to MSM. It can also be found in small quantities in some plants, as they soak up MSM from rainwater (MSM components are found naturally in the atmosphere).

Once I began applying an experimental blend of MSM for 2 weeks, I found my rosacea seemed to lessen a bit. The skin around my nose is very thin and prone to redness, which can be exacerbated by the type of exercise I do and alcohol consumption (I enjoy both activities). The MSM serums I began using a short while ago appeared to reduce the redness, relatively soon after application. Could this be true?

After some research, I discovered that MSM can in fact improve skin tone and perhaps assist in the absorption of other ingredients into the skin. According to WebMd, MSM has been reported to:

1) reduce damage to muscles when taken orally for 14 days prior to a 14km run

2) reduce swelling from hemorrhoids and osteoarthritis

3) be used by people suffering from allergies, aging skin, hair loss, to autoimmune disorders, obesity, and high blood pressure.

Another website lists the benefits of MSM in this order:

1) Skin's health and complection

2) Flexibility

3) Detox for the body

4) Strengthen nails and hair

5) Accelerate healing

6) Increase energy

7) Reduce inflammation

I can attest to the inflammation reduction without question, as the redness around my nose is visibly lessened a few minutes after applying my experimental MSM serum (coming soon). Interestingly, until just now, I have been wondering why I have not needed my nightly spritz of nasal spray. Perhaps, as stated in the first link, MSM application to my nose has reduce inflammation within my sinuses. I have not had to use my fluticasone for some weeks now.

Overall, I was skeptical about MSM; frankly I'd never heard of it. But I have since changed my mind and will be making MSM a star ingredient in at least one of my serums. I am also going to consider taking it orally, as well. As I research further, I will update readers about MSM and it's effects on my body.

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