Cosmetic and skincare products usually contain long words that are too difficult to pronounce and, therefore, misunderstood and sometimes misrepresented by companies depending on their clientele.


I chose this ingredient because it is REALLY long and might as well be another language unless you have a degree in chemistry.

According to EWG's Skindeep Database, DLS has an "overall hazard" score of 2 which is low! It is a salt, used as a cleanser and foam-booster.

As for long-term exposure and accumulation in the body, the database writes that accumulation and persistence in the body is unlikely.

The database also lists a bunch of names that also refer to DLS.

I use this product in my Tickled Pink whipped soap, and it does provide foaming and cleansing action, important because I add Golden Jojoba Oil and Sodium Lactate which does bring down the foaming potential .

I do hope customers appreciate the added hydration and pH balance of these additives, resulting in some minimization of the bubble power of the soap base.

FEEL GOOD about this ingredient, people. While data for many cosmetic ingredients can be limited (too little federal oversight, much?), as far as we can tell DLS is safe for long-term use.

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