Stem Cell Serum

Heal sun-damage, restore tone,  plump lost shape.  For all skin types.

Elevating Serum

Proven to lift and tighten fine lines. For wrinkled or crepy skin.

Clarifying Serum

Soothe irritation, minimize pores,.  lighten discoloration left  by pimples. For acne- or rosacea-prone.

Renewing Serum

Shield cracked, irritated skin, deeply hydrate dryness.  For dull dry skin.

Sabonique is committed to developing all plant-based, multi-dimensional sera for the most demanding customer.  Each serum is thoughtfully hand-crafted.  Ingredients are carefully researched and tested, always bought in the USA when possible!  Our sea-based ingredients are never cultivated in foreign waters.  Sabonique currently offers 4 exquisite sera, ideal for a range of skin types.   And we only offer a full fluid ounce (30mL), too!

Apply a pump or two of serum to face, neck, decollete, after cleansing.  A toner may be used before application.  Once absorbed apply moisturizer to "lock" the ingredients within upper layers of the skin.

Experience near immediate results!