Black Body Balm - 4 oz

Black Body Balm - 4 oz


This product meets most of your skin's needs.  It's an:

all-over cleanser with rich lather,

moisturizing mask,

shaving balm, 

and pore refiner ... all while protecting your skin with ultra-rich moisturizing oils


It is a multi-functional balm enhanced with carefully selected ingredients.  BLACK contains charcoal, sea salt, tea tree oil, organic coconut oil, and extracts of: chamomile, green tea, and marshmallow. Ocean fragrance, in addition to the unique scent from the Australian tea tree oil.



GOLD BALM - Moroccan red clay, sea salt, golden jojoba oil and extracts of: chamomile and calendula. Signature fragrance. *Best Seller


PEARL BALM - Sea clay, Marshmallow root powder, meadowfoam seed oil, and extracts of: sea buckthorn, marshmallow, and oat. Neroli fragrance.