Our Parties

1 expert host and 1 assistant will come to your home or venue
"Hands-on" time, 90 minute minimum, $120 flat fee
All soap/scrub/bomb materials
Safety goggles and aprons
Packaging for creations
10 "creator" maximum
Digital invitations
Pee-wee Play-do Soap Party (ages 5-9):

Design new bath time friends!

Creators work with"soap play-do."

Artistic help and molds provided.

Children do NOT handle hot soap.   

A caregiver for each child must remain. 

$80 for 4 creators6 creator max. 

($12/additional creator)

"furry" organic alien soaps

Melt & Pour Party (13-adult):

Guests work with HOT materials.*

Learn swirl & layering techniques.

Individual decorative molds, OR

A 4-bar loaf mold. 

Soap is wrapped & mailed in 7 days.

At least one adult must remain present. 

$125 for 5 creators; 10 creator max. 

($15/additional creator)

'Da Bomb' or Scrub Parties (9-13):

Customize BOMBS or SCRUBS, with

Salts, sugars, herbs, oils, and more.

Plus professional packaging.

Materials guided by party theme.  

At least one adult must remain present. 

$100 for 5 creators; 10 creator max 

($12/additional creator)

Bubbles & Bubbly (21 and up):

Same as the HOT M&P party,

We provide the champagne & booze! 

Guests work with HOT materials.*

$150 for 5 creators; 10 creator max

($20/additional creator)

Your Party Details


🍷🛁. The perfect pairing. Moscato bar with Moscato Bath Salts