Disosium Lauryl Sulfosuccinate - (DLS)

is a mono-ester of a sodium salt.  The monoesters of sodium salts, are the most common sulfosuccinates you'll find. They are considered very mild, with good foaming and detergent properties. Sulfosuccinates are recommended for oily hair as they can remove oil and sebum gently without stripping hair too much, but all hair and skin types can use them without fear of harshness. 

The pH of the sulfosuccinate is around 6.0, so it is perfect for hair and body care products. liquid Germall Plus and Germaben II


This is a liquid preservative, a combination of Germall Plus and Germaben II, that prevents growth of bacteria and fungi.  Some people experience irritation with this family of preservative, though it is found in many skincare lines including Kiehl's, Dermalogica, Sephora, Peter Roth, SkinCeuticals, and Philosophy just to name a few. Tickled Pink whipped soap is the only product we sell with this form of preservative. 

Glycerin (Glycerol) 

Often talked about, but misunderstood by many.  Glycerol is the backbone molecule for triglyceride fats, the primary type of fat in humans, animals, and vegetables.  In cosmetics, it improves smoothness and is considered a humectant; it draws in moisture and retains it at the molecular level.


This is a surfactant, short for surface acting agent.  These compounds allow for the mixture of oils and water-based ingredients on a molecular level.  Surfactants can be irritating to the skin, namely SLS.  SCI is much, much milder and taken from coconut fatty acids.  It is great for all skin and hair types. Dry skin will enjoy the gentle cleansing and the creamy after feel. The oily type will enjoy these features as well. SCI is great for cream cleansers.


This is a sugar alcohol made from corn syrup.  It is commonly found in sugar-free foods.  In cosmetics, it is used as a humectant, which attracts and retains moisture in its immediate environment.  Other examples you may have come across include propylene glycol, honey, and aloe vera.