August 20, 2018

D is for Dimethylaminoethanol (di-meth-ul-uh-me-no-eth-uh-nol) 

Now say that 5 times fast!

If potency is measured by the difficulty of a pronunciation, then DMAE better be pretty amazing ... and it is, yay!  To be clear, we are talking about DMAE as an ingredie...

July 31, 2018

For the letter C, we will explore Ceramide and Chamomile Hydrosol.  Both of these ingredients are wonderful for dry skin.  Let's learn about Ceramide! 

CERAMIDE: Cera is Latin for "wax"and is the main component of the stratum corneum of the epidermis layer of...

July 29, 2018

It is my pleasure and purpose to be completely transparent about my products.  Visit the blog often to learn about each powerhouse cosmeceutical I carefully select for each Sabonique product.

So let's start at the beginning, shall we?

 ActiSea Extract: this is actually a...

June 29, 2018

At our first Meet & Greet event, I discovered many people do not understand the point of incorporating toners into their daily skincare regimen.  In truth, I too had to educate myself when I started planning various products I wanted to offer.

Most understand toners as...

June 13, 2018

We are excited to announce our first free event in Bergen County, NJ!  

Sunday, June 24, 5 p.m.

All are welcome with RSVP and if you bring a friend you each get a free gift.  If you are ready to reinvent max-out your skincare regimen, join us for product samples, gi...

January 20, 2018

This ingredient is found in low concentration in our Body Balms.  PG is a humectant, meaning it attracts moisture from the surrounding environment.  Thus, when found in cosmetics it functions as a moisturizer and allows other active ingredients in the formulation to pe...

January 15, 2018

I imagine many people do not think of sulfur as something that can improve skin tone and texture.  More likely, you're recalling the smell of rotting eggs.

MSM, Methylsulfonylmethane, is an ingredient I have been applying to my own skin.  It is a molecule of sulfur, oxy...

December 30, 2017

I am so excited!  I just ordered several HIGH-POWERED ingredients for aging, problem, and/or discolored skin.  First one...

RESVERATROL: this compound is found in many plants, not just red wine; peanuts, mulberries, and cocoa also have resveratrol.  Once a trendy a...

December 29, 2017

Cosmetic and skincare products usually contain long words that are too difficult to pronounce and, therefore, misunderstood and sometimes misrepresented by companies depending on their clientele.


I chose this ingredient because it is...

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Zinc cream for red, irritated skin coming soon!

2 fl.oz. (60mL) each

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