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Cosmeceutical Alphabet: D


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Oily-Problem Skin

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Eye Care

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Dry Skin

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Age Spots

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Wrinkled Skin

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Loss of Firmness

About Us

Paige's skin problems resolved once she started using her own, handmade skincare creations.  After seeing dramatic changes in not only her own skin, but those of family and friends, Sabonique was born.  

Why we are different:

We list all of our ingredients

We explain the function of each ingredient on our website

We promise to always seek American-made ingredients

Our formulations are developed to work hard for you

We are certain you will see and feel a difference

We are proud to offer VEGAN & ORGANIC skin correcting solutions.

Our Earth-friendly, small-batch products will amaze you

both in results and affordability. 

MAX-OUT & bask in your beauty!